What We Do

Liquid LImestone Path newly laid in Perth

We offer a comprehensive range of specialist concrete services to our customers in and around Perth, focused on liquid limestone and exposed aggregate for both commercial and residential properties. While these materials differ in some important ways, in others, such as the method of installation, they are remarkably similar. The steps outlined below are those we normally follow when working on both types of installations.

How We Approach New Installations

By carefully working our way through the following steps on each new job we undertake, we ensure first-class results every time.

  • Preparation – The extent of the preparation work required before pouring new concrete will depend on the composition and state of the surface over which it is to be poured. If we are pouring over an existing path or driveway, we will probably just move sand and level the area first. If we are pouring onto a bare earth surface, we will create a foundation, or framework, over which the concrete can be poured. This foundation may consist of a wooden or foam framework and will help to hold the new material in place until it begins to set.
  • Mixing the New Surface – If we are working on an exposed aggregate project, ready-mixed concrete is delivered to site and poured directly onto the area we are resurfacing. If it is a liquid limestone project that we are working on, crushed limestone will be mixed with the concrete before it is poured onto the old surface.
  • Adding Exposed Aggregate – If you chose a plain limestone or concrete finish, the job is now almost complete: all that really remains to be done is to wait for the mixture to set, once it is screeded to the agreed height. If, on the other hand, you have elected to have an exposed aggregate finish, now is the time to add the aggregate in question. Before doing this, we use a surface retarder that slows down the setting process of the upper layers of concrete or liquid limestone. This gives us plenty of time to add the exposed aggregate before spreading it evenly across the surface with a roller and broom once the uppermost layer begins to set.
  • Patterns – If you decided to have a pattern cut into your new surface, either for purely decorative purposes or to replicate the look and style of individual pavers, we may do this on the same day, before the surface is completely set, or the next day. The timing will depend on the surface that we are working with.
  • Sealing the Deal – The day after we pour the concrete or liquid limestone, we will return to your property, whether or not you requested a pattern to be cut into the new surface, in order to clean and seal it.

If you would like a more detailed breakdown of exactly what we do when pouring new surfaces for customers in Perth and the surrounding area, please feel free to call and speak to us whenever convenient.