Liquid Limestone in Perth

We can provide a high quality limestone solution at your home. Liquid limestone is created by taking natural limestone, crushing it and combining it with other materials such as cement. Then the mixture is poured into a foundation and given time to dry. Once it dries it becomes a hard and durable material as it contains flexibility of a liquid and the strength of concrete, which makes it perfect for many different applications.

Liquid Limestone can be finished in various patters

  • Random
  • Formal
  • Diamond
  • Bali Style
  • Ax Grouted

Here are some of the primary benefits of liquid limestone:

Strength: Liquid limestone is as strong as concrete, which is why it’s great for driveways and walkways. This means that it can last for decades and rarely needs maintenance and repairing, cutting down on costs over the long term. It also means that cracking is rare so you don’t have to worry about plants, weeds, bee nests and ants.

Customisation: There are many different colour options available, which makes it easy to match liquid limestone with your existing colour schemes. Additionally, we can provide several different patterns such as formal, diamond, random, ax grouted and Bali style. These patterns allow us to provide a beautiful surface, regardless of the design style you’re looking for.

Stays Cool: Liquid limestone is smooth and it also stays incredibly cool on the hottest days. This makes it the perfect solution around swimming pools, patios or anywhere else that people like to walk barefoot. If you like to have pool parties and barbeques at your house, this is a great way to keep everyone comfortable.

Cost: This solution is both durable and affordable due to the materials that are used. Since it lasts a long time, you can cut down on future replacement costs. Our rates on liquid limestone projects are very competitive as we are committed to providing customers with a great value.

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Check out the our
Gallery to see examples
of Liquid Limestone!
Check out our Gallery to see examples of Liquid Limestone!