Liquid Limestone Paving

New homeowners may think that beautiful looking and well-crafted front yards and backyards cost a lot of money. Instead of exploring the possibilities available, most opt for paving their outdoors with pavers. This ends up with weed growing between the pavers and the surface becomes really hot under the feet, and worst is, it does not add aesthetic value. You might have spent a lot on your home and its interior. Finishing up the outdoors with the right materials and matching them with the exterior of your home is equally important as it could otherwise undervalue the whole look.

Liquid limestone is an excellent alternative.

Liquid limestone paving of driveways and patios will not only fit in your budget, but could be customised to compliment your pre-existing colour scheme. No more common, boring, and grey driveways. Liquid limestone can take the form you want and in the colours you choose with a range of patterns including diamond, formal, Bali Style, and Ax Grouted. Pick a pattern that would go best with the exterior of your home and you could have it made to match the colours as well.

This is not the only reason why you should choose liquid limestone for your home in Perth. Another reason is that the material becomes very stronger over time when it dries and sets. You need this kind of strength in the materials you use for your driveways and walkways. Limestone paving can handle high pressure and continuous traffic.

Once you pave your driveways and walkways with limestone, you do not have to think about renovating them for years. They can withstand extreme weather and do not crack easily. Since you do not have to worry about cracks, you also do not have to worry about weeds finding their way through the cracks or bees and other insects making a home down there. No cracks also means no trapped dirt or dust. These surfaces are easy to clean and easy to maintain. You will not have to think about repairing them for years.

How It Works

The process of liquid limestone paving starts by first leveling of ground compacting and form boards. Crushed, natural limestone is poured over them after having been mixed with materials such as concrete. This provides the limestone with the strength that it needs to stand the test of time. Once the material is dry, it will stay hard and durable.

While its strength is one of the main factors why this material is chosen for walkways and patios, another is that it stays cool in all sorts of weather. Even during Perth summer, it stays cool for longer periods of time. That is why it is suitable for patios and outdoor play areas. Floor areas surrounding the pools also need these surfaces that can stay cool even when the weather is hot.

While it is strong and lasts for a long time, the paving is also affordable and can fit within your budget. You will also save a considerable amount from the maintenance costs and replacement costs in the future.

How Fluid Limestone Can Help

Fluid Limestone endeavours to provide affordable outdoor flooring solutions that satisfy all requirements for each and every customer. Our teams have been carefully put together with this vision in mind. We have brought together professionals with the required skills and experience to help you get the best outdoor flooring solution in Perth.

Beginning from the materials we use to the services we provide, everything at Fluid Limestone will exceed your expectation. Our talented and hardworking teams enable us to provide prompt and consistently good flooring solutions.

From the time you inquire about our services up to the point where our installations are ready to use, we will be with you every step of the way. We also make installations using other materials such as exposed aggregate, concrete, and custom inlays. By choosing exposed aggregate as your pavement of choice, you could enhance the look of the outdoors of your property.

Exposed aggregate not only has decorative patterns and interesting textures, it also brings safety measures as they provide a skid-free surface. This benefits adults and children alike.

If you are not sure about what would be the best option for you, we could help you figure it out. You could share your needs and ideas with our dedicated customer service team and we will take you through the options available to you. You can choose what suits you best.

You could also go through our gallery to see samples of liquid limestone paving. The best part is that you have total flexibility to choose the options that you like and fit your budget.

Call us today on 9307 6498 to get in touch with our expert team and find out how you can use liquid limestone paving to enhance the outdoor area of your property.

Check out the our
Gallery to see examples
of Liquid Limestone!
Check out our Gallery to see examples of Liquid Limestone!