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While building a home, people spend time and money on the main building picking the right materials, quality workmanship, and perfect colours for the internal and external walls. However, they often tend to overlook the work being done on their driveways, paths, and sometimes even their patios.

A neat and well laid driveway or a well-crafted pathway to the house can make a world of a difference to how the entire building looks from outside. A good driveway immediately lifts the look of the house and can make the rest of the property look well-built and expensive.

Fluid Limestone offers a full range of paving services for liquid limestone and exposed aggregate. We also offer cost effective and customised solutions to meet all individual requirements. Be sure to get in touch with our team for more details on the services we provide.

Our Services

At Fluid Limestone, we work with liquid limestone and exposed aggregate. We have worked on a variety of buildings and have created a countless number of looks for driveways and patios. Having your driveways and paths laid with liquid limestone and exposed aggregates is a good idea as these materials create tough, non-skid surfaces that look great. These are not just beautiful to look at, but the services we offer ensure that whatever we build for you will last a long time and be incredibly durable.

These driveways and pathways will be dust resistant. You will no longer have to worry about weeds or insects. These surfaces are also easy to clean and maintain. There is a fortune to be saved by cutting down on cleaning and maintaining these surfaces.

What We Can Do For Your Home

Why go with plain, smooth, and dull looking concrete when there is a world of patterns that could be created with exposed aggregates? Have you built a classic home that requires you to get a solid, stone finish driveway? Is your structure quirky and do you need an equally interesting walkway with mixed textures and multiple tones? Or do you just want that serene looking, cool to touch surface around your pool?

We can create all that and more with the high quality materials that we use that can be customised to produce different looks. We can help find the right texture and colour to surround your structure with. There are no limits to the combinations that we could try out.

We have made countless customers happy with our services. Our gallery will tell you about the types of work we do. Borrow ideas from our previous customers or have us create an entirely unique look for your home. Driveways, walkways, pool surrounding areas or for any other area that you think needs exposed aggregate, call to ask about our services as we turn your ideas into reality.

Call us today on 9307 6498 and be on your way to having your home become one of the best looking houses in Perth.