Sealing Exposed aggregate driveways, pool & patio surfaces creates sturdy, nonslip surfaces that repel grease, oil,  water and are UV resistant. The sealant also visually enhances the appearance of the exposed aggregate surface.

After the initial install, we recommend the following tips to ensure your exposed aggregate flooring looks good and stands the test of time.

  1. Regularly sweep the surface area or use a leaf blower to keep free from debris
  2. If you notice any stains be it environmental (moss, mildew) or grease from a vehicle. Hose the area down with water, Mop the area with a mild detergent & hot water or use a high-pressure hose. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the underlying protective sealant.
  3. Drainage: Routinely check surrounding drains to ensure your drains & covers are kept free from debris and clutter to avoid water pooling on your exposed aggregate surface.
  4. For any stubborn stains, Contact us to come out and professionally clean the area.
  5. We recommend a high-pressure hose clean every season to keep your surface in top shape
  6. We also recommend resealing your exposed aggregate surface every 5 years to protect and maintain the integrity of the concrete.


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